Shorter distance means your files, images and documents loads faster

Your apps are always just a hop away from files. When app users request content, CodeMash delivers it through a worldwide network of edge locations that provide low latency and high performance.

Store and access files from your apps

  • Share any kind of files with apps
  • Speeds up distribution of your files: documents, app content, images, and media files
  • Get developer tools ready to work with your files easily
  • Build a fast, relevant search experience for your custom application in just a few minutes

Boost your team’s productivity by using prepared CDN, Search in files, Files + database solution

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Search data directly from data files

Analyze data stored in JSON, BSON, CSV, TSV, Avro, and Parquet

Get e-book with examples

We have finished many projects which rely on CodeMash. In this e-book, you will get various examples and use cases on how you can leverage our Files service.