Happy Tummy mobile app is an assistant for parents on how to wean their children correctly and healthily.

The app is delivered in three countries: UK, Poland, Lithuania.

  • Answers to young parents of how to start weaning your baby.
  • Gives a capability find many food products with recommendations since when it is best to start eating it. The information is based on the recommendations of pediatricians, pediatric nutritionists and the World Health Organization.
  • Forested with full of ideas and inspiration in your daily cooking, baking, and mixing routine, the app offers quick, healthy, and nutritious recipes suitable for your baby’s age: from the first porridge to the meals suitable for the whole family!
  • Sends notifications based on age of your child.

App development was challenging and new for us. I had a friend who was able to do some coding and he suggested using CodeMash as a backend. I tried CodeMash and very quickly saw that I can start to collaborate on the project without knowing how to code. CodeMash helped us to accelerate application development by streamlining onboarding and automating workflows, with features including content translation to various languages, sending emails, and push notifications. The best thing I have a clear vision of what’s happening with my application: see new members which are coming to app, see how emails and push notifications are delivered to the end-user. 


Founder of Happy Tummy

Since June of 2019, we are counting more than 7000 users who have tried the Happy Tummy app and it’s still growing rapidly. In some countries, it took off very well and Apple put that application as the best-paid app in the educational category. 

Here are the links, please go ahead and check out of how it looks like:


Provide the best experience app to different countries

Making an app across the globe can be challenging. You must take into account where your users are and how seamlessly you can provide the content. The delivery latency is important, so your data and images should be optimized and delivered using the best technologies out there. 

The app can be consumed from the USA, but if your server is in Europe, that can put you into trouble and you can end up with a lagging application. 

Also, you need to think about localization. Each user who downloads your app should receive a welcome email in the right language. As an engaging tool push notifications are the best choice so far, but receiving them in bad time can put some bad user experience and frustrate users.

“Seamless content translation and sending push notifications with respect to the time zone of the user was one of our priorities. ”


Founder of Happy Tummy

The Solution

Shorter distance means your files, images and documents loads faster

CodeMash uses a content delivery network (a.k.a CDN) to provide high availability and performance by distributing the service spatially relative to end-users. Regarding your plan, you can choose where you forest your data and where files will be placed. 

Happy Tummy app heavily uses good quality images. That’s one of the selling points that is crucial for this app. We allow uploading real size images without chasing app administrators to do some corrections upfront. Code functions to the rescue. By including a small pre-built code function, it allows you to optimize your image and serve it to the users. All the tedious work like dynamic image optimization, CDN, security and privacy is done by CodeMash.  

“Before you are starting any web, mobile, or even TV app you need to put into consideration many things you even don’t know them upfront. We work on such projects for more than a decade and we put best practices to the CodeMash. That’s how we ended up with such modular and ready to use solution”

Domantas Jovaisas

Founder of CodeMash


  • Database
    Storing data like posts, recipes, food categories and children data.
  • Membership
    All necessary work with users. Registration, security, welcoming new users, setting metadata in order to use that data in marketing campaigns.
  • Push Notifications
    On small occasions send notifications and guide young parents on how to wean their children correctly and healthily.
  • Scheduler
    A nightly running task that executes custom business logic.
  • Code
    Image optimization. Filtering database and finding to whom send weaning guide.

“I engage to do React Native development lately and CodeMash provided me all the tools that are necessary to build applications rapidly. All the boilerplate that comes from the backend side was covered by CodeMash, so I focused more on what I truly love and I’m engaged with.”


Software engineer


Why CodeMash ?


All you can do is all you can do, and all you can do is enough but make sure you do – All you can do.