Case Studies

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The app is delivered in three countries: UK, Poland, Lithuania.

  • Answers to young parents of how to start weaning your baby.
  • Gives a capability find many food products with recommendations since when it is best to start eating it. The information is based on the recommendations of pediatricians, pediatric nutritionists and the World Health Organization.
  • Forested with full of ideas and inspiration in your daily cooking, baking, and mixing routine, the app offers quick, healthy, and nutritious recipes suitable for your baby’s age: from the first porridge to the meals suitable for the whole family!
  • Sends notifications based on age of your chil

Actus Legale is the first specialized intellectual services information system in Europe, bringing together professionals from various fields: lawyers, financiers, architects, property evaluators, translators and experts from other fields.

  • Send out requests to the professionals of your choice.
  • Receive offers directly from professionals.
  • Choose professional that suits you and directly agree on services.
  • Receive consultation.